Restaurant Entertainment

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Do you want your restaurant to be packed to capacity? Do you want customers to return week after week? and bring their friends? We guarantee success with our restaurants.

Our friendly, professional entertainers will travel from table to table entertaining patrons as they arrive, after they have ordered and before they leave. We create and provide a unique environment available nowhere else that keeps guests occupied while waiting for their food, a family -friendly environment and repeat customers!

We are the only entertainers in the St Louis area that understand both the entertainment side and the marketing side of the restaurant entertainment industry. It is very easy to increase business on a particular night at your restaurant, we guarantee it!*

Premier Entertainment can help establish a regular base of customers who return week after week and bring friends! We create and provide professional signs specific to your establishment, to be placed in windows, entry ways, drive thru and at the registers. We also advertise on all social media sites, our web site calendar and word of mouth.

We are happy to schedule a “free” night of entertainment so that you can see just what an impact a personable, professional entertainer will have on your restaurant.

Call Premier Entertainment – Your Entertainment Specialist today to book a “free” night at your restaurant.

“What’s more important than the type of entertainment is the quality of entertainment”

*results may vary based on restaurant atmosphere, wait staff and food can all effect a family night.